Milwaukee Art Museum


The Milwaukee Art Museum is considered one of Milwaukee's proudest gems and always recommended as a "must see" site for all out-of-town visitors. Being a Milwaukee resident, I would say we are pretty lucky to have the largest art museum in the state of Wisconsin that houses more than 30,000 works of art as well as hosting an awesome lineup of internationally regarded exhibitions every year.


From a far, the museum is quite unique and the closer you approach, the more breath taking it becomes. Above is the classic picture you'll see when people visit the museum so I couldn't help myself! Did you know the wings actually move up and down depending on wind speed? If you are interested in learning more about the Quadracci Pavilion, check out this link here

Now, moving to the inside..


Above is the view right when you enter the museum. As you begin to walk in, and glance to the left, the below photo is your next view. To the right, you will see the art museum's cafe. 


Now, the view everyone loves to see...


Once you walk your way up to the windows, you get a fabulous view of Lake Michigan (picture above). Stunning!


After getting these shots of Windhover Hall, I made my way down to go check out some art where I may have gotten a little distracted by the architecture again...


Now, time for some art!


My favorite part of visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum is the photography exhibitions. This past week I was able to check out the new, fantastic exhibition The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip. It features 18 photographers and it's the first exhibition to consider the American photographic road trip as a genre in and of itself. If you wanna learn a little more about The Open Road exhibition, check out this link here!


Pstttt. Want to know a secret? If you explore around the photography exhibit, you will find a hidden, dark hallway with a black-out curtain. If you go behind the curtain you will walk into a  in a foggy room with a beautiful beam of light. It's quiet, mysterious but really beautiful and almost spiritual. The photo below gives you an idea of what you'll see.


I swear, I could spend DAYS in this museum and write about it for hours.

To finish off things I wanted to share two really cool events the museum host every month. 

#1. Yoga! Yoga happens one Saturday a month in Windhover Hall, presented by the Milwaukee Art Museum and omTownYogis! Yoga goes from 8:15am-9:30am. I went to the class last month and it hit the capacity with 350 people! If you enjoy yoga, you have to go next month on Saturday, February 3rd! 

"Pre-register with a $15 donation (pre-registration closes at 5pm the Friday before). Your donation also includes same-day admission into the Museum. All proceeds benefit the Milwaukee Art Museum and omTown Yogis.

Walk-ins welcome while there is room available. Come early! Doors open at 7:45a.m.

This class is open to all levels. Please bring your own mat. Parking is available in the Museum’s underground garage for $5." (Source & link to preregister)


#2. MAM After Dark. I have never been but I'm dying to! It's hosted by Northwestern Mutual once a month at the museum and it's geared towards Milwaukee's young professionals and "party people". They have art, music, food and activities and if you are a museum member, you get in free!

Memberships start at just $35, but if you want to pay each time you attend its $14 at the door  and $12 in advance. Check out MAM After Dark's website here, looks like a blast!

The next MAM After Dark is Friday, February 9, 2018, 7pm-11pm, so mark your calendars now!


Interested in visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum? Pricing is $19 for adults and $17 for students (with ID) and seniors (65+). Do you love the the museum and go frequently? You should definitely considering getting a membership, check out pricing here

And click HERE to check out additional information about planning your visit! Enjoy!


Hours: Monday CLOSED, Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–5pm and Thursday open until 8pm.


Kirsten Martinez